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24 - 28 Feb 2012


Handel’s Semele tells the classic morality tale of what happens when mortals try to align themselves with the Gods – a disaster every time.

In this case, Semele is in love with Jupiter, and seeks his help rather than accepting the mortal marriage arranged for her by her father. Jupiter whisks her away to a life of endless pleasure in Arcadia, but she increasingly wants more: immortality.

ESO’s talented cast will perform a modern adaptation of the opera which brings the plot into the modern world with references to the social climbing, sexual politics and media obsessed culture of the late twentieth century.

Semele - Emily Goad (24th, 26th, 28th) Julie Moote (25th, 27th)
Jupiter - Joseph Doody (24th, 26th, 28th) Ben Babington- Tambling (25th, 27th)

This event has finished!

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