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19 - 23 Mar 2013


SOLDIERS Would Like to Meet MAIDENS in Search of POETS, and then there's this milkmaid... All Must Have Good Sense of Aestheticism - EUSOG presents 'PATIENCE'!

This classic musical from Gilbert & Sullivan follows the delightfully comic tale of twenty lovesick maidens, a pair of dashing poets and a troop of utterly dreadful Dragoon Guards in their journey through love, longing and desperate romanticism.

Embracing the aesthetic age of high art, flowery poetry and soaring melody, our lovelorn maidens are completely devoted to the poet Reginald Buthorne. At the opening exhibition of Bunthorne's new Salon d'Artiste a band of hapless Dragoons Guards return home from service to find their erstwhile beaus swooning over this perfect 'aesthetic' gentleman who, meanwhile, only has eyes for Patience, a simple milkmaid seemingly immune to his advances. Drawn in by his duty to all things beautiful, a second poet, Archibald Grosvenor, a man of unparalleled good looks, arrives on the scene.

The tale that unfolds is a hilarious tangle of misguided romance and merry young hearts amid the world of high art, all set to a sumptuous score performed by our nineteen-piece band. Come and fall in love all over again as EUSOG present 'Patience', 19th - 23rd March 2013.

This event has finished!

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