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23 Jan - 10 Feb 2013


Presented by Silent Opera

In 2013, Silent Opera begin their three-year mission to stage innovative new performances of Monteverdi’s trilogy of operas, starting with arguably the first opera ever written: L’Orfeo.

Monteverdi’s groundbreaking work follows Orfeo as he descends to hell in search of his deceased love, and Silent Opera are offering their audience a chance to travel to the Underworld with him.

The story begins with the tragic death of Eurydice, Orfeo’s wife. He travels to the underworld to retrieve his beloved where he entrances the gods of the underworld, who give him the chance to have her return with him to earth. However, there is one condition, he must trust that she is following him, and not look back – if he does “a single glance will condemn him to eternal loss”. Doubtful of this chance, he looks back, trapping Eurydice in the Underworld forever.

Silent Opera have ensured all aspects of L’Orfeo will be extraordinary. The venue, Trinity Buoy Wharf on the banks of the River Thames, will transport operagoers into a parallel universe.
On some evenings of the run, the audience will even begin their passage to hell travelling on a boat though Central London to the unique performance space, where they will be immersed further into the story.

This event has finished!

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