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31 May - 1 Jun 2014

Tales of Correction: A Jane Austen Double Bill

Mansfield Presents & Love and Friendship

Two months before they take Tales of Correction on the road to the Jane Austen Festival in Bath, Charlotte Productions is running two first look shows for the Edinburgh audience.

Featuring two short adaptations of Austen's work, the double bill combines Mansfield Presents, an adaptation of one of Austen's later and best known novels, with Love and Friendship, a little-known satire of melodrama written by the author when she was just 14.

With a cast of six actors performing both plays and just two hours to do it, we will commemorate 200 years since the publication of Mansfield Park and rejuvenate a little remembered but hilarious piece from Austen's youth all in one evening.

"Brimming with overplayed emotions and inappropriate attitudes, Laura Witz’ adaptation of Jane Austen’s early epistolary novel – Love and Freindship – is an utter treat." (All Edinburgh Theatre)

Venue: The Vault

This event has finished!

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