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5 - 9 Mar 2013

Calamity Hamlet

Something is rotten in the state of De- *set falls down*

You join us on the opening night of a new production of Hamlet, directed by renowned narcissist and convicted tax-dodger Tarquin Sage. However, there are several problems...

Hamlet's lost his skull
Nobody knows their lines
The set is for a different play
Hamlet's Ghost is still getting chips
Half the cast haven't made it to the theatre
Horatio is playing twelve different parts at once
Polonius is having a panic attack in the paint cupboard

And much, much more!

From the team behind last year's Bedlam Pantomime "Sherlock Panto and the Great Christmas Caper" comes a hilarious new comedy about Shakespeare gone farcically wrong!

This event has finished!

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