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7 - 9 Mar 2012

Bajarse al Moro

Madrid, 1985. Franco's repressive, deeply conservative 36-year dictatorship has come to an end and Spain is making the delicate transition to democracy.

Cue the explosion of an iconoclastic counter-cultural movement, the Madrid Movement, and the birth of a new Spanish identity. Within the context of such newfound freedom of expression, there is an explosion of creativity and experimentation in which taboos are challenged and conservative values overthrown.

The dramatic action of 'Bajarse al Moro' unfolds in a bohemian apartment at the heart of the Madrid Movement. Chusa, Jaimito and Alberto lead a hedonistic, carefree life in which creativity, openness and independence are their most important priorities. Chusa funds such a lifestyle thanks to an unusual enterprise-she smuggles marijuana from Morocco back to Spain in her orifices.

The appearance of Elena, who Chusa unexpectedly meets in Madrid, appears to be a timely opportunity to expand the business venture. But there is only one problem- Elena is a virgin. Elena's arrival goes on to rock the household, with a battle ensuing between the emerging forces of modernity and a deepseated conservatism and desire to conform to the traditional notion of society. Darkly comedic, dramatic and never conventional, 'Bajarse al Moro' captures Spanish history at one of its most fascinating and explosive moments.


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