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29 - 31 Mar 2012

Avocado Tuesdays

Avocado Tuesdays: a tale of love, war and avocados.

Avocado Tuesdays are the bane of the Gouldsby family’s life. Each week they come up with a new reason to arrive late or leave early. This week their solution is final. Set just before World War One in a society which is largely oblivious to the horrors it is about to face, Avocado Tuesdays explores the eccentricities and the petty concerns of the English upper class. Avocado Tuesdays documents the activities of the Gouldsby family over a week as unforeseen catalysts wreak havoc with their carefully constructed bubble of social grace and decorum. Presented to you by the first ever collaboration between The Inkwell and Bedlam Theatre.

This event has finished!

This run of Avocado Tuesdays has ended, but there are more shows on XTS Pro every week. Click below to check out: