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19 - 23 Mar 2013

All My Sons

"Honest to God, it breaks my heart to see what happened to all the children. How we worked and planned for you, and you end up no better than us."

A family tries to hold itself together after the trauma and tragedy of World War Two. Joe and Kate Keller lost their son Larry, a fighter pilot. In the garden, an apple tree - a memorial to Larry - has been torn down by a storm. When Ann comes to visit Chris shadows begin to stir, and the American Dream Joe worked his whole life to provide threatens to crumble.

All My Sons was Arthur Miller’s first masterpiece, winning both the New York Drama Critic’s Circle Award and the Tony Award for Best Play upon opening in 1947. The play captured the tortured hopes of the very the generation who was its first audience, and distilled them into one hot afternoon in the Keller’s back yard. With All My Sons, the EUTC presents an intense, psychological portrait of a family in meltdown.

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