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Coming soon from Medics Musical 2013...

Ozpital: the Musical

Coming up from Medics Musical

We don't have any listings for upcoming shows from Medics Musical yet. Please check back soon!

Previously from Medics Musical

23 - 26 Apr 2014
5 performances

Fanney Wonka and the Doctor Factory

Once again Edinburgh’s 4th year medics bring you their annual showstopper!

25 - 27 Apr 2013
4 performances

Ozpital: The Musical

A charming coming-of-age tale in which Dorothy, an Edinburgh Medical Student, is transported to the mysterious and wonderful world of Ozpital.

26 - 28 Apr 2012
4 performances

The Most Gruesome Tale of Mister Burke and Mister Hare

Your body is the most valuable thing you will ever own...