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Clearly visible from Edinburgh's Royal Mile in the heart of the city, the Bedlam Theatre is a fully operational 90 seat theatre housed in an imposing neo-gothic church.

Home to the Edinburgh University Theatre Company, Bedlam is the oldest student-run theatre in Britain. Any member can propose a show for selection by company vote, and all aspects of the production from acting to lighting to taking the tickets are carried out by the student membership.

The theatre stages over 40 shows every year. Some are small-scale, one-off lunchtime performances, while others are larger budget, week-long productions known as Mainterms. The Bedlam is also home to Edinburgh's longest-running improv troupe, the Improverts, who play every Friday at 10.30pm during term time and every night at half past midnight during the Fringe.


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For more information, please visit http://www.bedlamtheatre.co.uk/

Coming up from Edinburgh University Theatre Company

Previously from Edinburgh University Theatre Company

26 - 30 Nov 2013
5 performances

Scooby Panto: The Night of the Nutcracker

Scooby Panto: Kicking Christmas in the nutcrackers!

20 Sep 2013 - 28 Mar 2014
23 performances

The Improverts

Always Different, Always Funny